Berkeley Inns Covid 19 Response


Customer guidance 

Keeping our guests and our team safe 


Your journey into your ‘new normal’ at all Berkeley Inns Establishments;

  • As you approach the building, you will see signs advising how to register for the NHS track and trace system when at our venue. This is now a legal requirement for each guest (under 16) entering the premises and the government requires us to keep your details for 21 days.
  • During peak times, there will be a health and safety [H&S] supervisor on duty. They will check your booking and guide you or offer assistance if you haven’t booked. We will be accepting ‘walk-ins’ if space is available, however, we strongly encourage you to book as we will have to limit numbers to maintain social distancing. Our H&S supervisor will also ensure social distancing is being adhered to and monitor queues. During off-peak evenings the duty manager will take on this role.
  • Sanitiser stations are located on the wall at all entry points for guests’ use. These stations are also available throughout the building. Please use regularly alongside handwashing facilities.
  • A team member will be allocated to regularly sanitise all touch points and toilets to minimise the risk of viral transmission.
  • Our host will guide you to your table.
  • Your menus and wine lists will be either single use or sanitised between uses.
  • Our service team are newly trained and instructed to follow our stringent new safety procedures and will not be pouring wine as usual to help in maintaining distance, we may also ask your assistance in passing plates etc rather than reaching over for the same reason.
  • Please stay seated whilst dining or drinking in our venues. We are required to only provide table service under current restrictions. We encourage card payments but also accept cash.
  • We kindly request that you wear a facemask upon entering the building to use the washroom facilities
  • Most importantly have a great time and stay safe always.


Outside Dining-12th April-16th May

  • From 12th April to 16th May only outdoor dining and drinking is permitted.
  • You may enter the building to use our washroom facilities. Please be considerate of other guests and the 2 metre rule. We kindly request you wear a facemask upon entering the building (unless you are exempt).


Indoor and outdoor dining- 17th May onwards

  • From May 17th, if you are dining inside , upon approaching the building, you will notice clear signage, stating that door is specifically for entry or exit only. This is to encourage a safe flow of guests through the building and reduce congestion upon entry and exit.
  • The inside dining areas have been re-arranged to create 1m spacing between dining groups. There will be a sign on your table confirming that your table has been sanitised thoroughly before your arrival.
  • Your server will advise you on where to find the exit to building when you are ready to leave.


What are our team doing?

Our team are committed to keeping you safe whilst with us, we also rely on our guests to stay alert and adhere to social distancing rules, so we can work together to maintain a safe environment.

  • Our team are being temperature checked upon arrival to work. If their temperature exceeds 37.8 degrees they are sent home and be tested and follow government guidelines.
  • We have enhanced our sickness policy to ensure any team member feeling unwell does not attend their shift and self isolates.
  • Our service teams and kitchen teams are trained in advanced levels of sanitisation and cleanliness, above and beyond, government recommendations.
  • Staff are also trained to maintain social distancing wherever possible. This might feel quite alien to begin with when they are used to providing attentive service, so please forgive the distance.
  • Team rotas are built on a minimum of number of employees per shift needed to operate safely but also maintaining a quality service level.
  • Covid-19 risk assessments have been completed, considering all areas, to mitigate viral transmission.


What do we ask of you?

  • If you have any COVID symptoms such as a fever you must stay at home and not attend the venue.
  • Please maintain a safe distance (1m+) from other guests.
  • We are legally required to ensure all our guests register with us for track and trace to support the NHS track and trace system.
  • All reservations are staggered to reduce the amount of people entering the venue at any one time. Please ensure you are not too early for your table. Space in our pub is limited for the time being under guidelines. Unfortunately, we are unable to serve our guests at the indoor bar, unless there is one of the limited number of spaced bar tables or seating available. If the weather is kind you may wish to arrive early and enjoy a drink in the garden. Unfortunately no drinking whilst stood up indoors is permitted however you may do so in our outdoor areas.
  • Please be especially vigilant and observe social distancing, 1m+, when using our restrooms/corridors and areas where there is limited space.
  • Failure to observe these safety measures may result in service not being provided.


Party size rules

Upon re-opening you may dine in one of our venues (indoor or outdoor) with six people from six different households (the rule of six). Alternatively, two households may dine together. Our online booking system is configured to book to a maximum of six people to help us manage the government restrictions. If you are from two households and your party consists of more than six people, please call or email us so we can complete your request.

Thank you for taking the time to read our customer guidance, we hope you enjoy your visit. Stay Safe.

We look forward to welcoming you back.